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kithclaims's Journal

KITH Claims: Come claim your KITH.
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Hello! And welcome to KITHclaims. It's another damn LJ claims community, only it's better than the rest 'cause it's about The Kids in the Hall. Yes.

(Oh, come now, there aren't many.)

1* You've gotta join to claim stuff.
2* That "stuff" can be absolutely anything about The Kids, about the show, it can be sketches, it can be characters, it can be personality/physical traits about The Kids, it can even be sets. Care to claim Mark's flippy hair? Sure. Wanna claim Buddy Cole's barstool? Go right ahead. You can even claim segments of Super-8 between sketches.
3* You can't claim any one Kid as a whole. Characters and sketches, however, can be claimed that way.
4* You can claim two things, so choose wisely. You can only have one sketch and one character. Ever. That's right, ever.
5* If you make banners or icons for the community or list your KITH claims in your user info with a link back to us, you earn more claimage.
6* Check the claims list to make sure that what you want isn't already taken.

That's it! Claim on!

Claims List

No Love, claimed by spookyville
Creative Possibilities, claimed by laurasubby
Good Attitude Towards Menstruation claimed by my_funny_cousin
Clearly Insane Lounge Singers claimed by secretmagdalena
Daddy Drank claimed by kalamity_belle
The Daves I Know claimed by dancingtildawn

The Axe Murderer (Dave Foley), claimed by spookyville
Jocelyn (Dave Foley) claimed by my_funny_cousin
The Chicken Lady (Mark McKinney) claimed by secretmagdalena
Sir Simon Milligan (Kevin McDonald) claimed by kalamity_belle
Gavin (Bruce McCulloch) claimed by dancingtildawn

KITH Traits
Dave's blood obsession, claimed by spookyville
Kevin's sexiness, claimed by laurasubby

Sets and Stuff